Gamification, the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Adam Palmquist is Scandinavia’s thought-leader on the subject, and he has published several books and scientific articles in the area.  

Adam speaks about how you can use gamification to achieve higher student/team/user engagement in most situations.  

Present, Adam operates as Scientific Officer (CSO) at the Swedish Gamification company Insert Coin AB. He is also the author of Det spelifierade klassrummet (“A gamified learning environment”), the first method book in Swedish about gamification and learning, and “Det digitaliserade klassrummet” (“A digitalized learning environment”) investigates digitalization in the learning environment. The second book highlights several theories concerning digitalized learning and linking them to various instructional techniques.  

Adam is doing his PhD-project in Applied IT at University of Gothenburg. He is part of a research group UP-Grade which focuses on next generation of technology-enhanced learning. Adam's research considers gamification and its applications incorporate onboarding, corporate training, and lifelong learning.  

Adam has extensive coaching and consulting experience within motivational employee engagement, learning, change management, leadership. 

Commission Adam to increase your understanding of motivational design-thinking and discover how you can enhance your students’ or teams’ commitment and productivity! Organizations across Scandinavia employ him for his knowledge in this area. 


  • Gamification
  • Digitization
  • Change Management
  • Online Learning
  • Motivational design
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Digital Leadership
  • The future of Learning
  • The future of Work

The outcome of Adam Palmquist´s presentation

Adams lecture gives the audience an understanding of how to use different motivational design forms - essentially gamification - to motivate employees, customers, clients, or students.

Adam Palmquist as a speaker

Adam uses a compelling and inspiring communication technique that is rhetorical, societal, and entertaining. He unpacks complicated and hard-to-understand topics making them appear manageable and straightforward to understand. At the same time, he is exceptionally attentive, not becoming too superficial in his presentations.  Adam has described his communication technique: serious infotainment.

Working with Adam Palmquist

Adam always adjusts his presentation according to the client's needs and preferences. He reaches out to the client in advance to find out the client's goal and what questions they want to address.

Adam Palmquist provides

Adam adjusts his presentation according to the client's needs and wishes. His presentation is both educational and inspiring - a form he calls serious infotainment. Adam's presentations are vibrant, inviting the audience to reflect on the topics introduced during the presentation. Gamified exercises are given to the audience to activate them and to grasp a case fully.

Det digitaliserade klassrummet

Det digitaliserade klassrummet traverses the digital transformation of the traditional learning environment - the classroom. The book highlights different theories about digitization and links them to various methods for learning. The message is: digital technology should not transform the teacher and the student; instead, digital tools should be based on and enhance validated didactical models for how learning occurs. Applied in this sense, digitalization functions as an extension of existing methods, rather than abolishing verified and validated methods already used by the instructors.

Det spelifierade klassrummet

Det spelifierade klassrummet is a model-based book concerning different analog methods to gamify the learning environment. The book investigates various theories concerning human motivation and learning and crossbreeds them to an applicable method for gamified learning. The gamification tools presented in the text are reflected in the light of Swedish curricula within the Swedish collaborative learning tradition - not focusing on competition, but collaboration.   This approach results in a framework design for cooperative gamification for learning. The book highlights how the teacher can use gamification elements together with formative assessment for learning.  The book also discusses how teachers can use gamification to assist students with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Adam Palmquist is an industrial PhDc in Applied IT at Gothenburg University and works as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at the Swedish Gamification company Insert Coin.

Palmquist has a background in learning and (analogue) game design. He is an author of several books addressing the intersection of design, technology, and learning.

He wrote “Det speliferierade klassrummet” - (A gamified learning environment) in 2017, the first comprehensive book on gamification and learning in Swedish. Since then, he has authored two additional books covering game-based learning, “Motiverande Undervisning” (Engaged Instruction), explaining how to use gameful design in an analogue classroom, and “The Automation Game Master” introducing a novel research-based framework and practice of gamified change management in the digital era.

Adam has worked as a gamification expert and advisor for several international companies in the production industry. He is currently working as a scientific gamification advisor assisting Europe’s largest mining company in their transaction to more sustainable mining.

His PhD-project is a collaboration between Gothenburg University and Insert Coin, concerning Gamified the World ENgine (GWEN), a unique system-agnostic gamification API built to democratize gamification. Palmquist describes his interdisciplinary project within Human-Computer Interaction, Socio-Technical Information Systems, and Design Science.




"The presentation highlighted a basic problem in school today - the motivation of the students."

"Adam's presentation about gamification and youth motivation was great!"

"We really appreciated the education and feel motivated to use the different methods in our profession."

Book presentation

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