Gamification is when game mechanisms are used in activities that are usually not associated with gaming. Adam Palmquist talks about how gamification can contribute to higher motivation and increased learning. Today, Adam works as a process and development manager at the motivation agency Insert Coin AB. He is also the author of Det spelifierade klassrummet (“The Gamified Classroom”), the first method book in Swedish about gamification and learning. In 2019 Adam's second book "Det digitaliserade klassrummet" (The Digitalised Classroom"), which explores the impact digitalisation has had on the pupils traditional learning environment - the classroom, was released. The book highlights different theories about digitalisation as well as different classroom methods that are associated. Book Adam and increase your understanding of how motivational design can enhance commitment and productivity in your business! Organizations across Scandinavia employ him for his knowledge in this area.


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    Neuropsychiatric conditions

The effect of booking Adam Palmquist

The effect of the education gives the audience an understanding of how to use different forms of motivational design - primarily gamification - to motivate employees, customers, clients or students.

Adam Palmquist as a speaker

Adam has a compelling and inspiring speech style that is rhetorical, societal and entertaining. He makes these tricky and hard-to-understand subjects appear to be simple and easy to understand. At the same time, he is very concerned that his subject does not become banal. He calls this style serious infotainment

How Adam Palmquist works

The speaker adjusts the education according to the client's needs and wishes. He contacts the customer before the lecture and finds out his needs and questions.

Adam Palmquist offers

Adam adjusts his presentation according to the client's needs and wishes. His presentation is both educational and inspiring - a form he calls serious infotainment. The presentations are interactive, if the client desires it, where the participant continuously reflects on the material in a group and / or alone with digital equipment.

Det digitaliserade klassrummet

"Det digitaliserade klassrummet" (The Digitalised Classroom") explores the impact digitalisation has had on the pupils traditional learning environment - the classroom. The book highlights different theories about digitalisation as well as different classroom methods that are associated. 

Det spelifierade klassrummet

In the spring of 2018, Adam released the book Det Spelifierade Klassrummet (“The Gamified Classroom”). It is the first book in Swedish that exclusively deals with gamification and learning. Det Spelifierade Klassrummet discusses different theories on how people become motivated and how we learn. The book links the theories into a functional whole. The tools of gamification are reflected in the Swedish school curricula, and the author shows how they can be used in different learning situations. He also describes how teachers can use gamification in their formative assessment, as well as how the method can be used effectively in supporting students with neuropsychiatric disabilities.


Adam has worked with business development in learning and school development.

Today he is an Industry Doctor in Information Technology at College of Skövde. His research is a joint project between College of Skövde and Insert Coin, which touch base on how gamification can be applied in different contexts in order to increase engagement and work joy. Insert Coin is one of the leading businesses in Europe within Gamification.

Adam Palmquist is part of a research team Smart Industry Sweden where his research examines how gamification can improve businesses onboarding and training. Adam has extensive experience in coaching and consulting within motivational work, leadership and climate work.

He has worked as a game developer and consultant in game development of educational games in Scandinavia. Adam is a certified teacher with fil.mag in several subjects. He has studied at universities in Sweden, Europe and the United States.

Adam has a background working in education, museums and the Swedish gaming industry. He has worked as a teacher and school developer at Magelungen Development / The Academy Magelungen, whose main task is to help young people with extensive support needs to complete school and get a good start in to adulthood. Adam has extensive experience in further educating teachers in motivational work, leadership and conflict management. He is a diligent speaker throughout Scandinavia.





"The presentation highlighted a basic problem in school today - the motivation of the students."

"Adam's presentation about gamification and youth motivation was great!"

"We really appreciated the education and feel motivated to use the different methods in our profession."

Book presentation

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